Step 3

Now you must be the boss. The boss from the lonely island is not a real boss.
Because he don't singin his song in The Gang Language.
Now you must talk the talk.
First tell a story.

A stupid studley normal man walks on the road.
There is the president of the universe.
"Yo mhan,"(spree calf: yo main) says the POTU (the president of the universe)
"Hey,"says the SSNM (stupid studley normal man)
"Ima steal yo cars," says the POTU
"I don't trust you with my car" say the SSNM
"You wil donna trust my with yo cars? Ima steal yo cars, mhan!" says the POTU
"I must go," says the SSNM
"No you do no!" says the POTU
"You are not my boss." says the SSNM and he walks away
The POTU picks his gun and shoot in his own mouth and SCREAM IT OUT FROM THE PAIN.

And that was the story.
Now you must follow the lesson:
Hello=yo mhan.
As there is a man that walks on your street say then: Ima steal you cars
For more Language Of Gang you must pay.

Step 4