Sunday, July 27, 2014
Hey guys! I'm back from my vacation!
The next day can i try finish my Planetarium.
My vacation are super!I'll swim in the sea and i climb in a lighthouse.
The previous day are i eat by the BBQ, and this day again!
That was alright, i have more than enough hunger, hehe.
Thursday, July 17, 2014.
This day are i planning for vacation.
oh yes, tomorrow I can not blogging for a week.
Then I'm going to finish my planetarium, (I'll try).
Check the Smiley center a bit, he is renewed..
Wednesday, July 16, 2014.
This day have i not do anything.
I chek for minecraft gameplays, many gameplays, as always.
I watch a few, I have realy no life.
And now i make this blog
wednesday, December 17, 2014
Hey guys, sorry dat I not blogging for so long, I was kidnept.
Realy? Yes. Realy realy? Yes/ Realy realy realy? No.
The real reason are dat i go months ago to the inn when i must going to the toilet.
I pick up a breef under my table and mark: not drink this beer, I have spit inside.
I was back from the toilet and drink the rest of my beer.
I chenking the breef again and read: I to
I was MONTHS sic from that beer!
More now i'm better.'